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Specialized recruitment agency

Automation, mechatronics, robotics, software engineering, industry 4.0


Your next exciting challenge

We put a lot of energy into identifying and getting to know businesses who could offer you a new and exciting challenge in automation, mechatronics or industrial computing. By discussing your career ambitions with us, we’ll carefully select the best organisation for you.

Which business could offer a challenge in line with your career ambitions? Which company would see your knowledge and expertise as a crucial part of its development? Which organisation hosts a stable and vibrant business structure in your area?


Networking and directly approaching candidates

We mainly work through networks and approach candidates directly, instead of publishing all of our vacancies.
If you are a specialist or an executive in our niche market, we’d highly recommend subscribing to our platform to receive information on available vacancies.
It’ll also keep you up to date with opportunities in the market.

FOKUS is a specialised employment agency and all the vacancies offered are for permanent positions. You’ll be recruited by companies, who have enlisted us to find the right person for the job, without taking the form of consulting or staff delegation.